POSTED: June 20, 2016

Tim Jackson named 2016 Hillary Laureate

CUSP Director Tim Jackson to receive prestigious international award for exceptional mid-career leadership.
June 2016

CC BY-NC-ND 2.0 :: Gavin Golden / Flickr

The Hillary Institute of International Leadership has announced today the selection of Tim Jackson as the 2016 Hillary Laureate for exceptional mid-career Leadership. The Director of CUSP is the Institute’s 7th annual global Laureate since 2009. “I’m delighted that the Hillary Institute has chosen to acknowledge my work with this award”, Tim Jackson said, “I have a long-standing admiration for New Zealand’s ‘most famous son’! So it’s a particular honour to be recognised in this way.”

Honouring the leadership legacy of Sir Edmund Hillary, the Hillary Institute has run a global award programme since 2009 with seven annual Laureates selected in that time. The Hillary Laureates are a remarkable group of leaders very much ‘in play’, from China to Kiribati to South America to the US and the UK.

The Institute’s leadership focus since 2009 has been addressing Climate Change and Climate Equity. Tim Jackson’s award in 2016 marks the first Laureate in the ‘post Paris’ arena of ‘Capital for Change’. For more information, please visit the Hillary Institute website, and read the press announcement here.


The Hillary Institute Hillary-Institutewas launched with Sir Edmund Hillary and patron Helen Clark in 2007, to honour Sir Edmund’s international leadership legacy. Celebrating mid-career Leadership, its international board has selected seven Hillary Laureates and awarded two (100K) Hillary Step Awards since 2009. The Hillary Laureates are Jeremy Leggett (UK 2009); Peggy Liu (China 2010); Aimee Christensen (US 2011); President Anote Tong (Kiribati 2012); Atossa Soltani (Amazon Watch 2013); Mike Brune (US 2014) and Tim Jackson (UK 2016).

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