POSTED: February 27, 2018
Finance | System Dynamics

Green Investment & Decisions

You are an investor or involved in investments? Please take part in this short survey on investment decision behaviours and help inform our system dynamics modelling work.
Closing date for the survey is 31 May 2018.

CC-BY-SA 2.0 :: Woody Ham / Flickr

As part of our System Dynamics work stream, and following a number of detailed interviews, CUSP researcher Sarah Hafner has set up an online survey for investment practitioners to help inform her work on modelling investment decision in a system dynamics framework. The study forms part of Sarah’s PhD project Macro- and socioeconomic impacts of a sustainable economy – A system dynamics approach to model the energy transition in the UK; aimed at elaborating policy recommendations to ‘green’ the UK energy supply sector. Current research shows that the green transition of the UK energy supply sector requires a substantial amount of further investments in infrastructure. Therefore, the focus of the thesis project lies on policies that contribute to scale-up green investment into the UK energy sector.

The survey can be accessed on the Anglia Ruskin University website. For general enquiries about this survey, please contact Sarah Hafner.

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