POSTED: August 27, 2016
System Dynamics

Nexus Thinking | Annual RGS conference w/ Tim Jackson

Royal Geographical Society; London, 2 Sept 2016

Interconnected © shuoshu / Thinkstock

The debate on limits to growth is now more than four decades old. But recent experience offers new insights into the challenge. As part of the Annual RGS conference, Tim Jackson’s talk starts from a critical examination of the conventional vision and explores the possibilities for moving beyond it. In particular, it makes the case that articulating a ‘sustainable prosperity’ is a precise, definable, pragmatic and meaningful task. It outlines the dimensions of a ‘post-growth’ economy and explores a vision for the good life defined by the possibilities of having ‘more fun with less stuff’.

The follow-on panel is led by Peter Jackson (University of Sheffield), chair of this year’s conference. Discussants are David Evans (University of Manchester); and Jo Little (University of Exeter. For further information, please visit the RGS website.


The theme for the 2016 RGS Annual Conference is nexus thinking. Rather than seeing energy, food and water resources as separate systems, “nexus thinking focuses on their interconnections, favouring an integrated approach that moves beyond national, sectoral, policy and disciplinary silos to identify more efficient, equitable and sustainable use of scarce resources.” The full conference programme can be accessed on the RGS website.

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