POSTED: February 8, 2016
System Dynamics

How constraints make us grow – society in transition

Tim Jackson to give keynote lecture at 2016 Growth in Transition Conference
24 February 2016, Vienna

This year’s Growth in Transition conference, How Constraints Make Us Grow – A Society in Transition, took place 22 – 24 February 2016 in Vienna and elaborated on new forms of prosperity, alternative economic activities, as well as social and economic models for a sustainable economy.

The conference at Europe’s largest university of Economics focuses on three key subject areas: ConstraintsTransformation and Development. Tim Jackson gave a keynote lecture on Flourishing within Limits – The Foundations for a Sustainable Prosperity. The recording of the talk has been made available on vimeo. For the full conference programme, and other guest speakers, visit the Conference website.


The Growth in Transition initiative brings together transformation activists and decision makers from politics, science, the economy and civil society and promotes dialogue and exchange on growth, prosperity and quality of life. It provides an international platform addressing questions of growth and an alternative, sustainable economy. The initiative is jointly organised by the Austrian Federal Ministry for Agriculture, Forestry, the Environment and Water Management (BMLFUW) and Vienna University of Economics and Business (WU), with support from more than 20 partner organisations. For more information visit the Growth in Transition website.

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