POSTED: February 15, 2017

Connecting Societies and Cultures

Discoveries on your Doorstep Series with Kate Burningham
University of Surrey, 02 March 2017

CC0 1.0 :: HO JJ / Flickr

CUSP Deputy Director Kate Burningham will give a presentation at the second event in Surrey’s Discoveries on your Doorstep series, with the theme this time on Connecting Societies and Cultures.

With the urgent need to shape a positive and inclusive connected world, this event is addressing key issues facing societies and cultures in the modern age. The evening will include a range of talks, poster presentations, and the opportunity to meet and hear more from researchers at the cutting edge across the University of Surrey.

In Kate’s talk, she will focus on one of our projects ‘Situated Understandings of the Good Life’. This project explores how the ‘sustainable prosperity’ of particular places may be understood very differently by different residents. Kate will draw on ongoing research which we are conducting in Stoke-on Trent.


Discoveries on your Doorstep is a series of events to connect professionals from the south east with researchers across the University of Surrey and to showcase research around one of three key themes: Science delivering global wellbeing; Sustainable cities, communities, and economies; and Connecting societies and cultures.

This specific event is focused on the key issues facing societies and cultures in the modern age, from cultural preservation or international communication to online safety. Discoveries on your Doorstep will showcase research from across the University featuring a range of talks and poster presentations.

The event is free to attend. For more information and tickets, please go to Eventbrite.

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