POSTED: June 30, 2016

Wednesday, 29 June 2016

#ProsperityIs Workshop

In taking our #ProsperityIs engagement campaign further, Simon Mair and Angela Druckman led an interactive session to explore visions of a sustainable future, imagining a prosperous UK in 2075 and what prosperity on a finite planet may look like.

In the Centre for the Understanding of Sustainable Prosperity we’re investigating what it means to live a ‘good life’ within the ecological constraints of a finite planet. As part of this, we’re developing a series of ‘sustainable prosperity narratives’: stories that describe sustainable, prosperous futures and how we might get there. We will test these stories using economic models. The #ProsperityIs series feeds into the story-development process by enabling participants to reflect and share their visions of sustainable prosperity.

In this brainstorm workshop we focused on the UK in 2075 and encourage participants to think about the essential elements of sustainable and prosperous futures in a UK context. Participants where asked what this version of the UK looks like? Which guiding beliefs and principles are important, and to whom? And how are people spending their time?

A summary of the results will be published shortly. For photos of the workshop, please visit our media gallery.

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