POSTED: November 5, 2016
Nature of Prosperity

It was the second in our series of dialogues on the Nature of Prosperity. Since our first event in May this year, the challenges of achieving a sustainable prosperity have deepened; political and social divisions have widened; the Paris Agreement on Climate Change is under threat; and the world has become a more uncertain place. The need for a clear and workable vision of prosperity has become more urgent than ever.

For this second event, we have asked Baron Rowan Williams, chair of the dialogues, to set out his own vision for a lasting and inclusive prosperity and to reflect in particular on the role of hope in a changing and uncertain world. We were delighted to welcome Jørgen Randers (co-author of the 1972 Limits to Growth study) and Graeme Maxton (Secretary General of the Club of Rome) presenting their new book on Reinventing Prosperity, which outlines “thirteen politically feasible proposals to improve our world”. You can read the first chapter on the Club of Rome website. The dialogue was facilitated by Dr Camilla Toulmin, British economist, Professor in Practice at Lancaster University and Chair of the CUSP Advisory Board.

The Video recordings of the event are available below.


13.15 Refreshments
13.30 Welcome and Introduction: Tim Jackson, CUSP Director
13.40 Keynote: The Audacity of Hope – Rowan Williams
14.10 Discussion: facilitated by Camilla Toulmin
15.10 Refreshments and Exhibition ‘A dream of a low carbon future’
15.45 Keynote: Reinventing prosperity – Jørgen Randers and Graeme Maxton
16.25 Discussion: facilitated by Camilla Toulmin
16.45 Closing Remarks: Tim Jackson
16.50 Book signing and drinks reception
17.30 Close

The Nature of Prosperity is a series of public debates (hosted by CUSP) engaging young and old alike across business, policy and civil society in one of the most vital questions of our time: what does prosperity mean in a world of environmental and social limits?

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