POSTED: February 5, 2018
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Measuring up – how the UK is performing on the SDGs

CUSP working with UKSSD cross-sector network, developing first comprehensive assessment of the UK’s performance against the UN Sustainable Development Goals
February 2018

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In an effort to develop the first comprehensive UK plan of action, the UKSSD has initiated an assessment of the country’s performance against the UN Sustainable Development Goals. The project is coordinated by the network steering group, with partner and network organisations, including CUSP, leading the development of chapters on each of the SDG Goals. Those organisations are: Glasgow Caledonian University, the Food Foundation, the Health Foundation, Gaia Education, the National Alliance of Women’s Organisations, CIWEM, Trade Unions Congress, Regen, Just Fair, Sysdoc, Bioregional, Earthwatch Institute, WWF-UK, RSPB, Involve.

With Victor Anderson leading our research, CUSP is heading the work on Goal 17, a set of targets to help strengthen the means of SDG implementation and revitalise the global partnership for sustainable development. Victor said: “In some countries the SDGs are seen as a matter of urgency. In the UK there is a tendency to see them as simply being about how to spend some of the overseas aid budget. In fact many of the Goals are challenging for the UK in our own ways of running things here, in economic policy particularly. I am delighted that CUSP was invited to help with this work, which is about this country playing its full part in a global move towards sustainable prosperity.”

This wide-ranging and in-depth performance assessment will be incorporated into a report to be launched in the UK on 3 July at the House of Commons, and during the UN High Level Political Forum on Sustainable Development held in New York on 17 July 2018. It will be available on this website from 3 July.


The 17 SDGs were agreed by world governments in September 2015. They provide a blueprint for joined-up global action to eradicate poverty and protect the planet by 2030. In contrast to the Millennium Development Goals which preceded them, they are applicable across all countries – including the UK.

UKSSD creates a space to mobilise people, communities and organisations in the UK so they can play their part to create decent work in a prosperous economy and build a fair and just society – all within the Earth’s limits. The cross-sector network has over 80 partner organisations, who are committed to working together to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals in the UK. CUSP is a network partner since July 2016.

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