POSTED: September 25, 2016
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FutureLearn programme: social enterprise in theory and practise

New global study programme with Dr Sara Calvo, Prof Fergus Lyon and colleagues, introducing students into to the diverse world of social enterprise.
Starting 26 September 2016

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A new FutureLearn study programme on Social Enterprise will launch on 26 September 2016, comprising three online courses from Middlesex University Business School and the social enterprise Living in Minca. Drawing on CUSP research and other related material, students will learn how to design their own social enterprise model and bring it to market, while exploring how to scale and sustain their project over the long term.

The three courses are: Business Doing GoodTurning Ideas into Action and Growing a Sustainable Business. Accessible on desktop, tablet or mobile and “delivered in bite-sized chunks”, the courses include a mix of theory, practical information, and case studies from around the world. The online courses are free to access. For certificate requirements, please visit the FutureLearn website.


The Social Enterprise programme is led by Dr Sara Calvo, and has been prepared at Middlesex University Business School, in collaboration with researchers at the Jindal Centre for Social Innovation; Entrepreneurship and the social enterprise Living in Minca, with funding by the British Council.

FutureLearn is a private company owned by The Open University, with currently 88 partners around the world, including some of the top UK and international universities and specialist organisations. Nearly four million people from over 190 countries have signed up to follow its 250 plus online courses since the social learning platform was launched in 2013.

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