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Finance For The Future Award 2018

CUSP shortlisted for 2018 Award in Driving Change Through Educations, Training and Academia category
23 August 2018

Finance for the Future | CUSP shortlisted for 2018 Award
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The finalists for Finance for the Future Awards 2018 have been announced by the founding organisations, ICAEW and A4S, and their partner Deloitte. The awards highlight good business practice, by recognising the role of finance in helping to embed sustainability issues in to organisation’s decision making. Now in its seventh year, the awards ceremony will take place on 16 October 2018.

The Finance for the Future Awards highlight the essential role that finance plays in driving integrated thinking in decision making and in building sustainable business models. Entrants must be able to demonstrate how the role of the finance function and financing has been key to building a sustainable organisation, which delivers long-term financial performance while operating within environmental, social and other constrains and/or generating long term value for stakeholders.

CUSP — alongside our research partners at the Global Sustainability Institute — was shortlisted in the Driving Change Through Education, Training and Academia award, which recognises the contribution of individuals, organisations or partnerships in driving action towards integrating sustainability through education, training and academia.

Richard Spencer, Head of Sustainability at ICAEW said: “The finalists have made the shortlist because of their ability to build a sustainable organisation, and keep sustainability at the heart of their operations. This shows dedication to tackling the serious environmental and social issues we face, and shows innovation in finance and accountancy when facing these challenges. The finalists not only deliver real change in their businesses, they are also encouraging other businesses to do the same by leading the way.”

Helen Slinger, CFO Leadership Network Director, A4S, said: “Embedding social and environmental issues within key decisions can improve performance. The finalists of these Awards demonstrate why all finance leaders should be considering these issues; for the future of the planet and society, but also their organizations.”

Veronica Poole, global IFRS leader and UK head of accounting and corporate reporting at Deloitte, said: “This year saw the launch of a new category focused on embedding an integrated approach, commonly known as integrated thinking, across an organisation. It is very encouraging to see strong entries in this new category, in addition to continued popularity of the now well established category of communicating integrated thinking. Showcasing the leading practices in both is particularly timely and relevant in the UK with renewed focus on directors’ duty to promote the long-term success of their business. This long-term view takes into account the interests of a broad group of stakeholders such as employees, customers, suppliers and the environment. Investors and policy makers are also increasingly focusing on businesses’ ability to create value in the long-term in a responsible way. These leading examples of integrated thinking should be of interest worldwide.”

Other people and organisations shortlisted in the education category are Carol Adams, the Future-Fit Foundation, the Grantham Research Institute on Climate Change and the Environment. The full list of the 2018 finalists can be accessed on the ICAEW website.

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