POSTED: June 11, 2017
Economy | Nature of Prosperity

Can economies thrive without growth?

CUSP Director Tim Jackson in conversation with Matthew Taylor, RSA
June 2017

RSA Radio - Can economies thrive without growth?
CC.0 :: Virvoreanu-Laurentiu / Pixabay

When economies stop growing they go into crisis, yet it seems impossible for them to grow forever without causing ecological catastrophe. Tim Jackson joins Matthew Taylor on The RSA’s podcast RSA Radio to talk about this big challenge and the impact of Prosperity without Growth (2009/2017) – recently updated and expanded in a second edition.

They discuss what Tim calls the dilemma of growth, if and how it may be possible to safely stabilize the size of the economy, the psychological drivers behind our desire for consumer goods, what revolutions are required in the nature of enterprise, policy and values to redefine prosperity – and if ideas can really change the world.


RSA Radio is a new series of interviews and discussion programmes by the RSA, “exploring contemporary social challenges”. You can follow it on iTunes Podcast and other podcast apps. More information about the 2nd edition of Prosperity Without Growth can be accessed here.

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