POSTED: January 24, 2017
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Integrating Health and Environment

NCSE conference with Tim Jackson
Washington, D.C. | 24 January 2017

CUSP Director Prof Tim Jackson has been invited to give a keynote presentation at the 17th National Conference and Global Forum on Science, Policy and the Environment in Washington, D.C.. The event is hosted by The National Council for Science and the Environments, and is focusing this year on “Integrating Health and Environment”. For details about the conference, please visit: You can follow the conference on Twitter on #NCSE2017.

NCSE and the Security & Sustainability Forum hosted a webinar to open some of the issues that will be addressed in the conference. The video can be accessed on vimeo.


The National Council for Science and the Environment (NCSE) is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to improving the scientific basis for environmental decisionmaking. NCSE specializes in programs that foster collaboration between the variety of institutions and individuals that are creating and working with environmental knowledge, including research, education, environmental, and business organizations as well as governmental bodies at all levels. The NCSE has set out “to make science relevant to real world decisionmaking on critical environmental challenges”. For more information about NCSE and its programs, visit

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