POSTED: September 10, 2018
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Advancing Social Enterprise Research, Teaching and Engagement

CUSP at Social Enterprise World Forum 2018
Edinburgh, 10-14 Sept 2018

Image: Event visual, Social Enterprise World Forum 2018

CUSP Deputy Director Fergus Lyon will be attending the Social Enterprise World Forum 2018, presenting CUSP research on navigating the social, environmental and commercial objectives of social enterprises; and is going to chair a session of the Academic Symposium — a two day event prior to the Forum, designed to build bridges between academia and practice, “bringing the various worlds into discussion with each other”. CUSP Visiting Researcher Ellen Stenslie will present her paper ‘Cleaning up the economy’, exploring key characteristics of Environmental Social Enterprise (ESE) business models in regard to how they organise to achieve environmental impact; how they aim to contribute towards more sustainable societies; how they are financed; their legal structure(s); and how they adapt to overcome barriers in their economic and political environment.

The Social Enterprise World Forum 2018 is an international event for social enterprises from all over the world to come together, share wisdom, build networks and explore how to create a more sustainable future. In its 10th year, this gathering of social entrepreneurs, community activities, support providers, policy makers and academics will be exploring ideas of alternative enterprise from around the world.

For more details, please visit the SEWF website. The programme for the Academic Symposium can be downloaded in pdf (1.9MB).


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