POSTED: September 12, 2018
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Rethinking Economic Policy in the EU

Landmark conference hosted at the EU parliament, exploring visions and solutions for a post-growth economy in Europe
Brussels, 18-20 September 2018

Rethinking Economic Policy in the EU | 2018 Post-Growth Conference w Tim Jackson, Brussels 18-20 Sept 2018
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On 18-20 September 2018, scientists, politicians, and policymakers are gathering in Brussels for a landmark conference in Brussels, the first Post-Growth Conference for Europe.

Hosted at the EU parliament, the three day event is a joint effort by multiple stakeholders and MEPs from various political groups, set out to explore visions and solutions for a post-growth economy in Europe.

The Post-Growth 2018 Conference builds on thematic workshops organised by a variety of parliamentarians, political groups and organisations; and will be followed by a wrap-up session hosted by the European Trade Union Confederation. CUSP Director Prof Tim Jackson will be giving a keynote presentation at the opening session on Tuesday, 18 September.

An open letter to raise awareness for the conference and the underlying Post-Growth Challenge was published in the Guardian. Signed by 238 leading economists and scientists, the letter was translated into 15 languages and published in leading newsletters across Europe. A petition based on the letter can be accessed and signed via the website.

For details about the 2018 Post-Growth Conference programme, please visit Livestream will be available on the conference website.


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