POSTED: January 17, 2018
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Congreso Futuro | Prosperity on a Finite Planet

CUSP Director Prof Tim Jackson joining the 7th Future Congress
Chile, 17 and 19 January 2018

CUSP Director Tim Jackson is joining the 7th Congreso Futuro in Chile for two keynote presentations on Prosperity Without Growth — at a regional event in Talca on 17 January and for a Charla Magistrale in Santiago on 19 January.

Set up by the Senate of Chile, with the aim to decentralize knowledge, the international, transdisciplinary event is considered to be the most important scientific dissemination event in Latin America, taking place over seven days in twelve regions. The congress was initiated in 2011, and opened an unprecedented public space for renowned scientists and humanists worldwide to convene with students, young people, political leaders, academics and the general public to discuss the dilemmas and challenges that the future poses for us today. Amongst this year’s many speakers are Terence Tao and Zoltan Istvan. Live stream is available on You can follow the event on Twitter with the Hashtag #CongresoFuturo2018.

On 18 January, Tim is joining a panel with Hugh Elliott (Director of International Agreements, Foreign Office) on ‘The economy in a changing world’ at the British Embassy Santiago, live-streamed via the Embassy’s facebook page.

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