Image from 'Directions 2014: New Sustainability Thinking' (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0) :: Salterbaxter MSL Group / Flickr

At the heart of Prosperity without Growth is the call for a new understanding of the dynamics of the modern economy that can also incorporate the reality of ecological and resource constraints. A critical challenge for this new approach is the need to ensure economic and social stability even as relentless growth in consumer demand is attenuated.

We are addressing the ‘post-growth challenge‘ throughout our work programme. Our conceptual basis is informed in particular by our system dynamics work. We are engaging with a variety of stakeholders in business and parliament, to help developing strategies for an economy that works for everyone. In affiliation with the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Limits to Growth, and chaired by Caroline Lucas MP, we are developing a series of Private Breakfast Briefings in Parliament to address the demands facing the UK economy at a pivotal time in our history and to provide a forum for discussion on the challenge of Building an economy that works.

Theme Updates

A Roundtable for Businesses

Business will not be successful in an economy that doesn’t work. Low productivity undermines competitiveness now, carbon intensity may undermine it in the future, and inequality and associated social tensions create instability, making Britain a potentially unattractive, risky place to do business. Collaborating with an alliance of businesses and civil society organisations, An Economy That Works, CUSP is regularly hosting Business Roundtables, working to promoting long term, structural changes needed to achieve a sustainable economy. A list of recent roundtables can be accessed below.