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Generation Z

A photography exhibition by CUSP Fellow Kerstin Hacker, documenting the changing urban experience in Lusaka, Zambia

Cambridge, 11 October—21 December 2018

Documentary photographer and CUSP fellow Kerstin Hacker is investigating the developing consumer culture of Lusaka (Zambia) and examines photographically the emergence of a new cultural sector. Her project is set out to enable artists to participate meaningfully in the debate around sustainability and prosperity of the sector and the country as whole. Supported by the Centre of African Studies at University of Cambridge, the exhibition is on show until 21 December 2018.

From the CRASSH Cambridge website:

“Generation Z combines the acknowledgement of Hacker’s own European visual heritage with the experience of extended stays in Lusaka. She asks viewers to contemplate change in Zambia and dismantle neocolonial visual discourses. In August 2017, the Generation Z series was exhibited at the Henry Tayali Gallery in Zambia, by invitation of the Visual Arts Council of Zambia. The Generation Z series was originally aimed at a British audience, however, it also sparked debate amongst Zambian photographers on how to develop methods of showing a wider, more diverse view, which highlights the country’s unique character. The discussions highlighted that Zambia’s visual identity outside the country, and to some extent within the country, is often based on a stereotypical African narrative, which was felt not to reflect life experienced within Zambia. It is therefore not a question of if Generation Z represents of modern Africa ‘correctly’, but if they contribute to the debate on how Zambia could be represented.

These images debate the dangers of neo-liberal consumerism on African culture and what this means to the people of Zambia, but also illustrated the visual ‘proof’ of the so often demanded economic progress of an African nation. It highlights the chasm between Zambians’ daily experience of their urban lives in Lusaka, and the photographs they see of themselves in the international media. Generation Z was photographed in Lusaka in 2016 – 17.”

Read about Kerstin’s work on the CUSP blog page. For an online preview of her photography, please see Kerstin Hacker’s website.


University of Cambridge
Centre of African Studies
Alison Richard Building
7 West Road


11 Oct — 21 Dec 2018


All are welcome. For further details, please contact Kerstin Hacker.

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