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On this page you find news and updates from across our work programme. Our research themes are drawn together through collaboration and cross-cutting projects, such as An Economy That Works, Investing In the Future, and our work as secretariat for the All Party Parliamentary Group on Limits to Growth. For a full list of publications, please see our Publications page.

Political Prospects of a Sustainability Transformation | ECPR Joint Sessions workshop, 25-30 April
ECPR Joint Sessions workshop “Beyond the Environmental State? Exploring the Political Prospects of a Sustainability Transformation”, submissions by 1 Dec 2016
Consumption, inequalities and futures | ESA Conference w/ Kate Burningham
Kate Burningham to present paper on sustainable consumption in early motherhood at the upcoming ESA Consumption Research Network conference
Scaling social impact | 8th Int. Social Innovation Research Conference w/ Fergus Lyon
There is a growing interest in design and innovation for wellbeing and sustainability. This was the focus for the ISIR conference in Glasgow with Fergus Lyon chairing a session that looked at how social enterprises and other organisations can increase their impact.
Nexus Thinking | Annual RGS conference w/ Tim Jackson
The debate on limits to growth is now more than four decades old. But recent experience offers new insights into the challenge. As part of the Annual RGS conference, Tim Jackson's talk starts from a critical examination of the conventional vision and explores the possibilities for moving beyond it.
Care, Craft and Creativity: Towards the Economy of Tomorrow | Resurgence 50 w/ Tim Jackson
Tim Jackson to give lecture at Resurgence magazine’s 50th anniversary event: One Earth, One Humanity, One Future - 23 September 2016, Oxford.
Delivering the 1.5°C target | IPCC planning meeting w/ Bronwyn Hayward
Co-investigator Dr Bronwyn Hayward invited to join a scoping meeting for the 2018 IPCC Special Report on the impact of global warming and the COP21 global greenhouse gas emission pathways.
The Global Goals | School Conference w/ Dr Sue Venn
In this one day school conference, 160 students between the ages of 13-14 are challenged to learn, discuss and create as global citizens methods for the UK to meet the SDGs; in due course designing solutions. Dr Sue Venn is attending the conference to help the students with developing and articulating their ideas.
Fostering a sustainable prosperity | UN High-Level Political Forum w/ Tim Jackson
Tim Jackson speaking at the 2016 High-Level Political Forum on Sustainable Development, the UN's central platform for the follow-up and review of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and SDGs.
Measure What Matters | Global Forum
The global forum is convened by HRH The Prince of Wales, and culminates the Measure What Matters initiative, led by the recently partnered Green Economy Coalition. CUSP is contributing to the event with a presentation by Ian Christie on the implications of social capital for policy and decision making.
Tim Jackson named 2016 Hillary Laureate
CUSP Director Tim Jackson to receive prestigious international award for exceptional mid-career leadership.
Doing family and sustainability | New paper by Kate Burningham and Sue Venn
Kate Burningham to present new paper at 5th International CRFR conference in Edinburgh, 14 June 2016. It argues for the development of more relational and positive discourses of sustainable consumption which align sustainable living with the creation and maintenance of family life.
Is the Party Over for Economic Growth? | Panel debate w/ Tim Jackson
Intelligence Squared was hosting a discussion with Prof Tim Jackson on the future of the global economy. Other panelists include Stephanie Flanders and Deirdre McCloskey. The evening was moderated by Kamal Ahmed.
Growth – the good, the bad, and the ugly | St Gallen Symposium w/ Tim Jackson
CUSP Director Prof Tim Jackson gives opening keynote and in-depth workshop at the 46th St. Gallen Symposium, a high-profile annual conference designed to "capture and condense the most relevant debates currently shaping the world around us and making them center-stage."
Cultural ecologies: Cultural labour, consumption, and inequality | w/ Kate Oakley
Kate Oakley to give seminar on culture and inequality: tying together consumption and production | Birmingham City University, 11 May 2016
Towards a Stock-Flow Consistent Ecological Macroeconomics | Paper by Tim Jackson, Peter Victor and Ali Asjad Naqvi
Taken together, the suite of system dynamics models developed by Tim Jackson et al represent the first steps in constructing a new macro-economic synthesis capable of exploring the economic and financial dimensions of an economy confronting resource or environmental constraints.
Limits to Growth or Opportunities for Prosperity? | APPG launch
We are pleased to announce the launch of the new APPG on Limits to Growth, for which CUSP will be providing the secretariat. The inaugural event will take place at the House of Commons, on 19 April 2016.
Treasury consultation on the National Infrastructure Commission | Written Reply
A recent consultation by HM Treasury has invited written feedback on the proposed governance, structure and operation of the new National Infrastructure Commission; CUSP submitted a reply.
Sustainability and HM Treasury inquiry | Evidence submission
The Environmental Audit Committee has invited written evidence on the role of HM Treasury in relation to sustainable development and environmental protection, CUSP submitted a response.
Earth Jurisprudence through Substantive Constitutional Rights of Nature?
With their latest publication, Nathalie Rühs and CUSP Co-Investigator Aled Jones look at the role and rule of law in the making of society and the arguments for a paradigm shift from an Anthropocentric ontology to a more Earth-centered one.
Debt, Growth and Sustainability | CUSP lecture w/ Adair Turner
Launching our Lecture Series, Adair Turner gave an inspiring talk on #SustainableFinance at the University of Surrey. One of the most respected thinkers on financial reform, Adair explores the financial innovations needed to deliver sustainability. Video and audio available now.