Marit Hammond is a political theorist, based at Keele University. As co-investigator with CUSP, she is carrying out research in our P theme, exploring the political foundations for new forms of sustainable prosperity.

Marit is a political theorist with a research interest in normative democratic theory and environmental political theory, and their intersection. In particular, she is interested in deliberative democracy, especially in relation to culture; the concept of environmental sustainability, and its democratic governance; associative democracy and the democratic role of civic associations; as well as a few other issues in environmental politics, democratic theory, and political philosophy.

Within CUSP, Marit is a co-investigator in the P4 project of our P-theme, exploring the political foundations for new forms of sustainable prosperity. Specifically, she is developing a normative account of new forms of democracy as a foundation for both a cultural and an institutional shift towards the kind of reflexivity that is needed for new horizons of prosperity, and the socio-political opportunities to realise them. This normative account then ties in with the structural, institutional, and civil society approaches to exploring the promise of different socio-political pathways towards sustainable prosperity within the overall P theme.

Publications (selected)

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