Katt Skippon



Katt Skippon is an undergraduate Sociology student at the University of Surrey, currently doing a research placement with CUSP working within our S1-Theme.

Katt has a keen interest in exploring ideas of the good life within different communities and demographics. Assisting with various CUSP projects, she is mainly working within our S1 theme, supporting the research that explores people’s social and psychological understandings of the good life.

Katt also has interests in animal agriculture and welfare, which she writes about in her blog, as well as a more general interest in creative writing. She is the Editorial Director of SUBCULTURED, an on-campus student magazine based at the University of Surrey, focusing on student life, art, fashion and culture.

Her concern for the environment and sustainability stemmed from her upbringing, coming from a vegetarian family and going for hikes in woods and mountains, inspiring a general care for the planet and environment, which then extends through to social issues around inequality and materialism.

Katt is passionate about raising awareness of, and helping to solve environmental issues. She is hoping to gain extensive research experience through CUSP, as well as learning about the planet and its people through a social science perspective.