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Fergus Lyon is a Professor of Enterprise and Organisations in the Centre for Enterprise and Economic Development Research, Middlesex University in London and Deputy Director of CUSP. He is leading the theme of political economy and institutions.

Fergus Lyon is a Professor of Enterprise and Organisations in the Centre for Enterprise and Economic Development Research, Middlesex University in London and Deputy Director of the ESRC Centre for the Understanding of Sustainable Prosperity. In this five year research programme, he is leading the theme of political economy and institutions, with a focus on researching alternative enterprise forms and alternative investment.


His research interests include social and sustainable enterprises, alternative investment, enterprise support policy, organisational trust and transdisciplinary research practice. Recent funders include the Economic and Social Research Council, Cabinet Office, Dept of Business Innovation Skills, Innovate UK, International Labour Organisation, and a number of charities. In 2007 he was seconded to the Prime Ministers’ Strategy Unit (Health team) in the Cabinet Office. He was the social enterprise lead on the £10m Third Sector Research Centre funded over five years by ESRC and Office for Civil Society. Previously he has carried out research in Ghana, Nigeria, India, Pakistan, Bhutan and Nepal. He has been a trustee/director of a number social enterprises related to preschool education, conservation and farming.


Fergus has over 150 publications including 40 substantial reports for policy makers funded by UK and international donors, 30 papers in established international journals, 25 book chapters, a number of shorter policy briefings. The second edition of his book, The Handbook of Research Methods on Trust, was published in 2015.

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