Anastasia Loukianov



Anastasia is a PhD student working within our S1 theme, taking a sociological perspective to look at the leisure patterns of children from households on constrained income.

Based at the University of Surrey, Anastasia is a PhD student working on our ‘‘More fun, less stuff’’ theme. She is developing her research under the supervision of Prof. Tim Jackson and Dr. Kate Burningham.

During her PhD, Anastasia is exploring lay ideas of wellbeing. Specifically, her focus is on the meanings of wellbeing that are held by people who may have been disillusioned by the consumerist ‘‘good life’’. She is particularly interested in the drastic generational changes that are appearing in terms of beliefs and behaviours as well as in locally anchored understandings of the ‘‘good life’’. Hence her work will mostly be constituted of case studies.

Her main study is a long-term participatory research project with economically disadvantaged young people in various locations throughout the UK. In this project, Anastasia will be looking at local youth understandings of wellbeing, their influencing factors, and their mapping onto existing theories of the ‘‘good life’’.

Anastasia’s research interests encompass research methods as well as specific fields and include notably – sustainable practices, visual ethnography, digital and material ‘‘stuff’’, participative methods, historical and ecological approaches, human-animal relations.

Prior to her appointment at CUSP, Anastasia graduated in the summer of 2016 from the University of Manchester where she earned her BASS Sociology (Hons) degree.