Richard Blundel




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Richard is an organisational researcher and educator with a particular interest in the links between entrepreneurial activity, innovation and environmental sustainability. A common theme in his work is an examination of the nature and consequences of growth in different organisational contexts, including artisanal food producers, small manufacturing businesses and social enterprises. Current research projects include the ESRC Seminar Series: ‘Green Innovation: Making it Work‘ (2015-17). He is also co-author of Exploring Entrepreneurship (2nd edition) (Sage, 2017) and a contributor to The Oxford Companion to Cheese (OUP, 2016).

Work w/ CUSP

Richard is collaborating with Prof Fergus Lyon, Dr Ian Vickers and colleagues in a project that seeks to examine in greater detail the role of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the transition to a more sustainable economy. The project builds on our earlier work on environmental responsibility in SMEs, and on the effectiveness of policy-making in this area (e.g. Blundel et al. 2013). Discussion was sparked following a CEEDR seminar at Middlesex University (April 2016), which explored the contrasting ways in which SMEs are represented in the green growth and emerging steady state economics literatures.

During the project, we aim to engage directly with SME owners, managers and intermediaries in an effort to deconstruct the contested language of ‘sustainable’ growth. We will also seek to examine both the capacity and willingness of practitioners to engage with these alternative visions, and to clarify the implications for policy and practice.

Recent publications

Blundel, R.K. (2015) ‘Beyond strategy: A critical review of Penrose’s “single argument” and its implications for economic development.’ European Journal of the History of Economic Thought. 22(1): 97-122.

Blundel, R.K. and Lyon, F. (2015) ‘Towards a “long view”: historical perspectives on the scaling and replication of social ventures.’ Journal of Social Entrepreneurship, 6(1): 80–102.

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