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Image by Linda Geßner/, derivative of a drawing by William Morris, © courtesy of William Morris Society

Nature of Prosperity: Ethics and Utopias

Nature of Prosperity Dialogue with Rowan Williams, Uffe Elbæk, Ruth Levitas, Roger Scruton, John O’Neill, Melissa Lane and Ingrid Robeyns
Friday, 16 February 2018, 1-6pm*

CUSP and the William Morris Society are delighted to invite you to a joint symposium on the Nature of Prosperity. The event will offer an afternoon of philosophical conversations on the themes of ethics and Utopian thinking, and how they can inform concepts of sustainable prosperity.

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Sustainable prosperity cannot be conceived or achieved purely via technocratic governance or a tweaking of economic policy. It involves a more wholesale rethinking of the nature of value, human flourishing and our conception of the future. This requires us to explore the philosophical and moral underpinnings of prosperity and how we might develop greater ethical commitment to future generations, to the natural environment and each other.

As part of its enquiry into the meaning of sustainable prosperity, CUSP has commissioned a series of essays from leading thinkers on these questions. This event brings five of these authors together and, along with members of the CUSP team, invites them to explore the moral dimensions of sustainable prosperity along different philosophical axes.

Confirmed speakers are Prof Ruth LevitasProf Melissa Lane, Sir Roger ScrutonProf John O’Neill and Prof Ingrid Robeyns. Uffe Elbæk, founder of the Alternativet party in Denmark, will be joining us as well. The event will feature a keynote address by Lord Rowan Williams on the enduring relevance of William Morris for contemporary thinking on Utopias and the ethics required for a sustainable economy and society. The event concludes with a drinks reception.

The symposium is booked out. You can still join the waiting list via our eventbrite page.


BMA House
Tavistock Square
London WC1H 9JP


Friday, 16 February 2018

*In our January newsletter we incorrectly refer to 16th March. Please note, the event is taking place on Friday, 16 February 2018.


For further details, please contact Catherine Koch.

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