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Prosperity isn’t just about earning more and having more, it consists in our ability to participate meaningfully in the life of society. A vital element that has gone missing for ordinary people over recent decades. We must question the fundamental structures behind our economies before they will work for everyone.

Scaling social impact | 8th Int. Social Innovation Research Conference w/ Fergus Lyon

There is a growing interest in design and innovation for wellbeing and sustainability. This was the focus for the ISIR conference in Glasgow with Fergus Lyon chairing a session that looked at how social enterprises and other organisations can increase their impact.

Measure What Matters | Global Forum

The global forum is convened by HRH The Prince of Wales, and culminates the Measure What Matters initiative, led by the recently partnered Green Economy Coalition. CUSP is contributing to the event with a presentation by Ian Christie on the implications of social capital for policy and decision making.

Keeping consumers and voters happy while dealing with climate change | Blog by Charles Seaford

Meaningful responses to climate change require social change, but can we take the measures needed and still keep voters happy? In this blog, Charles Seaford is introducing some numbers to help exploring the dimensions of a politically feasible sustainability.

Asset owners and a capital market that works | A Roundtable for Businesses

We all want long-term financial performance and the positive sustainability and social outcomes associated with this. However, too often capital markets fail to deliver these. This roundtable will focus on the top of the investment chain: what action can asset owners take?

More profit from less stuff? | A Roundtable for businesses

One of the principal themes of the shift to a sustainable economy, at least in the developed world, is ‘dematerialisation,’ – less added value from physical ‘stuff’ and more from human skills. These two meetings will address what businesses can do to make the most of this.