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Limits to Growth or Opportunities for Prosperity? | APPG launch

We are pleased to announce the launch of the new APPG on Limits to Growth, for which CUSP will be providing the secretariat. The inaugural event will take place at the House of Commons, on 19 April 2016.

Spending time in a low carbon society: Less stuff, more fun? | Seminar w/ Angela Druckman

Can we have more fun, while using less ‘stuff’? In this talk Co-Investigator Angela Druckman will consider what makes us happy, how we currently use our time, and the environmental impacts of our different activities.

Asset owners and a capital market that works | A Roundtable for Businesses

We all want long-term financial performance and the positive sustainability and social outcomes associated with this. However, too often capital markets fail to deliver these. This roundtable will focus on the top of the investment chain: what action can asset owners take?

More profit from less stuff? | A Roundtable for businesses

One of the principal themes of the shift to a sustainable economy, at least in the developed world, is ‘dematerialisation,’ – less added value from physical ‘stuff’ and more from human skills. These two meetings will address what businesses can do to make the most of this.

Debt, Growth and Sustainability | CUSP lecture w/ Adair Turner

Launching our Lecture Series, Adair Turner gave an inspiring talk on #SustainableFinance at the University of Surrey. One of the most respected thinkers on financial reform, Adair explores the financial innovations needed to deliver sustainability. Video and audio available now.