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Social and psychological understandings of the good life | Blog by Kate Burningham

What does the ‘good life’ actually mean to people and how are their visions and aspirations informed by aspects of their social, economic and environmental situation? In this blog, co-investigator Kate Burningham explains how CUSP is approaching research into the social and psychological understandings of the good life.

Happiness and enterprise – a view from Bhutan | Blog by Fergus Lyon

In this blog, CUSP deputy director Prof Fergus Lyon is looking at the concept of Gross National Happiness as explored by The Kingdom of Bhutan, discussing its practical implications for socio-economic development and alternative enterprises.

Developing the philosophy for a sustainable prosperity | Blog by Will Davies

A shift towards a sustainable prosperity must ultimately be a shift in values, and needs to be understood as such, co-investigator Dr Will Davies writes in this blog, setting out the work programme for our research theme on the meaning and moral framing of the good life.

Sustainable prosperity – what’s art got to do with it? | Blog by Kate Oakley

Arts are communicators of a message, but are an element of sustainable prosperity itself, too, co-investigator Prof Kate Oakley writes in this blog, explaining her research approach to understanding the role of the arts and culture in developing visions for a sustainable prosperity.

The Politics of Sustainable Prosperity | Blog by Philip Catney

A transformation of our political discourse and practice will be necessary to achieve a ‪‎Sustainable Prosperity‬, co-investigator Dr Philip Catney writes in this blog, introducing his research perspective on our projects exploring the political and organisational dimensions of sustainable prosperity.

Alternative business approaches for sustainable prosperity | Blog by Fergus Lyon

In the second blog of our series, CUSP deputy director Prof Fergus Lyon introduces the agenda of our research projects on alternative forms of businesses and social enterprises.

Towards a sustainable prosperity | Blog by Tim Jackson

In the first blog of our new series, CUSP director Prof Tim Jackson explores the nature of prosperity and the challenge of achieving sustainable prosperity, , introducing the CUSP work programme.