Teresa Belton

Teresa Belton is a visiting fellow at the School of Education & Lifelong Learning at the University of East Anglia. Her research has led her to consider the relationship between boredom, creativity, and media, and the relationship between personal well-being and environmental sustainability. Information about her book "Happier People Healthier Planet: How Putting Wellbeing First Would Help Sustain Life on Earth" can be seen at http://happierpeoplehealthierplanet.com.

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We need a new common consciousness of what’s necessary and possible to curb climate change. | Guest blog by Teresa Belton
Cultural resistance to the need for a fundamental rethink of the way we conduct life is continuously fed by misleading words of charismatic thinkers such as Rutger Bregman and Steven Pinker, Teresa Belton finds. What we need instead are fresh holistic narratives to create a new common consciousness.