Rebecca Willis

Rebecca Willis is an independent researcher with twenty years’ experience in environment and sustainability policy and practice, at international, national and local level. She works across the CUSP programme, with a particular focus on examining how politicians and other decision-makers can be engaged in the transition to sustainable prosperity.

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There’s no political pressure to act on climate. So how are MPs responding? | Blog by Rebecca Willis
The electorate are not asking their representatives to act on climate change, research by CUSP fellow Rebecca Willis indicates. This presents a fundamental dilemma for politicians who understand the urgency. How can they square this circle?
Taming the Climate? How politicians talk about climate change | Blog by Rebecca Willis
Climate change is not an easy subject for politicians - they have to turn scientific consensus about the need for action into a workable agenda that can win people’s support. But how do politicians go about this? In this blog, CUSP fellow Rebecca Willis summarises her research findings.