Lucy Stone




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Lucy is an independent analyst and strategist specialising in climate policy. She has worked for over a decade for the UN, for UK policy, with corporates and with NGOs. Lucy has provided strategic advice on climate change to UNDP and UNICEF, set up a social enterprise for community renewable energy in the UK, and analysis for the Independent Commission for Aid Impact.

Lucy is on the core team of the innovative programme, which is seeks to deliver a successful, aspirational positive story of sustainable living. It will capture and reframe what a good life looks like, as an alternative to current consumption led aspirations. The programme will tap into the views of a broad selection of UK voices, including marginalised voices. It will use a combination of quantitative and qualitative research techniques.

Work w/ CUSP

The Living the Dream research programme shares similar objectives with CUSP and so by working together we will be able to pool data, discuss emerging findings and collectively amplify the debate. We plan to hold joint workshops to explore and develop the emergent new narrative, and to cross promote each other’s work and publications in order to generate a wider debate.