John is Professor of Property Development in the University of Sheffield, Department of Urban Studies and Planning. He is a Chartered Surveyor and a Chartered Planner, a Member of the Regional Studies Association and a Fellow of the Academy of Social Sciences.

His research focuses on the structure and behaviour of property markets and their relation to the wider economy and state regulatory systems. He has researched and published widely in this field through projects funded by UKRCs, the EU, national governments, charities and industry.

John enjoys working with colleagues from other disciplines and countries, including those working in policy and practice, for the additional insights this brings to complex real-world problems. He employs a range of research methodologies and methods – from econometric modelling to cultural economy – to examine issues as circumstances demand. Currently, he is working in two areas.

(i) The analysis of the financial structure and economic value of grey, green and blue infrastructures, and their contribution to the process of sustainable urban development.

(ii) The examination of the calculative practices of property investment and development actors, and how those practices affect the construction, distribution and consumption of value in the urban built environment.

Work w/ CUSP

John is collaborating with Philip Catney in CUSP to explore new ways in which urban governance might be affected by evolving practices of qualification, classification, quantification and calculation. The successful pursuit of sustainable prosperity through the development of alternative forms of governance and organisation will require, inter alia, the establishment of appropriate new cultures of calculation in the face of dominant mainstream approaches. The project is going to examine how ways of defining and measuring the character and performance of ‘the ecological state’ might develop, how they might be applied and disseminated, and their potential role in urban governance.

Recent publications

Crook, A., Henneberry, J. and Whitehead, C. (Eds) (2016) Planning Gain: Providing Infrastructure and Affordable Housing, Wiley Blackwell, Chichester, 301 pp. + xxiii.

Winner, Academic Award, The RTPI Awards for Research Excellence, 2016.

Crosby, N. and Henneberry, J. (2016) Financialisation, the valuation of investment property and the urban built environment in the UK, Urban Studies, 53(7), 1424–1441.

Catney, P. and Henneberry, J. (2015) Public Entrepreneurship and the Politics of Regeneration in Multi-Level Governance, Environment & Planning C: Government and Policy, On-line First.

Henneberry, J. and Mouzakis, F. (2014) Familiarity and the Determination of Yields for Regional Office Property Investments in the UK, Regional Studies, 48(3), 530-546.

Mell, I., Henneberry, J., Hehl-Lange, S. and Keskin, B. (2013) Promoting urban greening: Valuing the development of green infrastructure investments in the urban core of Manchester, UK, Urban Forestry & Urban Greening, 12(4), 296-306.