Joost De Moor



Stockholm University

Joost de Moor works is a researcher at Stockholm University. His research with CUSP is located within the P(olitics)-theme and focuses on how grassroots movements pursue sustainability through prefigurative strategies. Prior to his appointment in Sweden, Joost was a postdoctoral researcher at Keele University.

Joost was awarded a PhD from the University of Antwerp for his thesis The Two-Dimensional Structure of Political Opportunities, which aims to explain how (perceptions of) political opportunities explain citizens’ political participation and the strategies of social movements. His research focuses on activism within the environmental movement, the climate movement, and the squatting movement. He has (forthcoming) publications in Environmental PoliticsMobilizationInternational Journal of Urban and Regional ResearchParliamentary Affairsand Acta Politicaand has recently written two book chapters on the climate change movement at COP21.

Joost is the convenor of the ECPR Standing Group on Participation and Mobilization.


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