Graham Smith





Graham is Professor of Politics at the Centre for the Study of Democracy, University of Westminster, UK. He is a specialist in democratic theory and practice and environmental politics. He has a particular interest in the design of participatory democratic innovations and the question of how democracies can embed long-term thinking to more effectively respond to challenges such as climate change. Graham is an investigator on a number of international research projects, including Participedia, a global knowledge platform on participatory governance; Cherry-picking: The Results of Participatory Processes; and Democracy Matters that organized pilot constitutional assemblies in the UK. He is Chair of the Foundation for Democracy and Sustainable Development.


Graham is working in collaboration with colleagues such as Marit Hammond, Brian Doherty, Ian Christie and Victor Anderson to take forward the research agenda on the implications of sustainable prosperity for democratic institutions and practices. Key themes will be why democracy matters for sustainable prosperity and the design and implementation of potential institutional innovations. Where there are synergies, this work will be taken forward in partnership with the Foundation for Democracy and Sustainable Development.

Indicative publications:

Owen, D. and Smith, G. (2015): ‘Deliberation, Democracy, and the Systemic Turn’, Journal of Political Philosophy 23 (2) 213–234.

Smith, G. and Teasdale, S. (2012): ‘Associative democracy and the social economy: exploring the regulatory challenge’ Economy and Society 41 (2) 151-176.

Smith, G. (2009): Democratic innovations: designing institutions for citizen participation. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

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