CUSP Fellowship Programme

The Centre for the Understanding of Sustainable Prosperity is keen to provide opportunities for active researchers to establish a collaborative relationship with CUSP and thus gain formal status as CUSP Research Fellows. CUSP Fellowships are not remunerated positions. There may be, however, occasions where funded research activity developed and delivered collaboratively with fellows includes fully costed inputs to this work. It is anticipated that most fellowship relations will be virtual, with fellows collaborating through shared communication, research activity, writing and dissemination. However, the Centre is able to provide some ‘hotdesk’ accommodation, in particular for Visiting or Practice Fellows.

Research Fellows may benefit from collaboration with CUSP in a number of ways:

  • shared debate and discussion of mutual research interests
  • advice and support from CUSP staff on research development
  • access to CUSP communication and dissemination facilities (including the CUSP Website) to release research findings
  • access to CUSP research data, where appropriate
  • joint research activity with CUSP staff
  • joint publication with CUSP staff
  • collaboration with CUSP staff in bidding for and delivering externally funded research activity

All CUSP fellowships will be for an agreed period of time to be determined by the Fellow and the CUSP Management Team. However, it is expected that Visiting Fellowships and Practice Fellowships in particular will be limited to the particular period of a visit, and for Practice Fellowships linked to a particular research activity. For a list of current CUSP fellows, please see our people page.


There are four types of CUSP fellowship, and a separate University fellowship scheme:

CUSP Honorary Fellowships
These are primarily intended for academics working in other UK Higher Education Institutions (HEI) whose research fields relate to CUSP projects and who wish to have a collaborative relationship with CUSP.

CUSP Associate Fellowships
These are primarily intended for independent researchers (including retired academics) who wish to work collaboratively with CUSP.

CUSP Visiting Fellowships
These are primarily intended for overseas academic researchers who wish to use CUSP as a base for research activity whilst visiting the UK. The CUSP base could be virtual or physical, and could operate alongside fellowships in other research centres or universities.

CUSP Practice Fellowships
These are primarily intended for practitioners or policy makers who wish to spend a period of time engaged in research activity within CUSP. The CUSP base for this could be virtual or physical, and could be full or part time. There may be opportunities to bid for funding to support such fellowships.


Fellowship applications are assessed on academic grounds, based on the objectives, expectations and identified outcomes. Applications to the CUSP fellowships are submitted through an endorsing Co-investigator and must clearly demonstrate a direct link between the interest or plans of the Fellow and the CUSP research programme.