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Developing differently: social enterprise innovations for the circular economy in Lagos Nigeria | Blog by Adeyemi Adelekan
Part of our research aims to learn from grass-root initiatives operating in the circular economy in Nigeria; their hybrid organising strategies and, particularly, their attempts to propagate a circular economy culture at the individual, organisational and societal levels. Ahead of our forthcoming workshop in Lagos, CUSP researcher Adeyemi Adelekan reports from his PhD project and outlines some of the specific challenges developing countries such as Nigeria face.
New Nature Writing: a force for sustainability and the common good? | Blog by Ian Christie and Kate Oakley
Can Nature Writing be a force for saving what we wish to conserve and carry on loving, and to hand on to future generations? Can it be a contribution to the political and social movements for a re-imagination of the good life, of sustainable prosperity? Taking seriously the claims of art to enable us to imagine other futures, CUSP is launching a call for entries for a new nature writing project: Nature Writing for the Common Good.
Why Capitalists Need Communists: The Politics of Flourishing | Seminar w Charles Seaford—Guildford, 15 May 2019
Brexit, the rise of populist politics and cries for radical reform grace our headlines on a daily basis. Britain faces huge challenges: inequality, public services under constant pressure, climate change —and in the long term the impacts of automation and artificial intelligence. At the same time, the political and economic elite seem to have reached an impasse: there is a sense that things can only get worse.
Navigating social and commercial objectives in social enterprise | Workshop w Co-Creation Hub Lagos, 25 Apr 2019
Running your own business is hard, but it can be especially difficult for people who want to set up a social enterprise, aimed at having a positive impact on people and the planet. How is this done, and how do you get over the tension between commercial and social objectives? In this workshop with the American Corner at the Co-Creation Hub Lagos, we draw on our research to give attendees the tools to understand the tensions they face, and how they can find a way to navigate through this.
Managing a Post-Growth Economy: Circularity, Productivity and Inequality | A ‘Circular Conversation’ w Tim Jackson
"The circular economy is a very good idea, but it is a better idea when it is placed in the context of delivering prosperity, rather than aimed at increasing growth." A conversation between Emanuele Di Francesco and Tim Jackson, discussing post-growth concepts of a circular economy, the limits of labour productivity and the dynamics of inequality.
What do the Green New Deal and National Bank mean for the UK’s Innovative Green SMEs? | Call for Papers
There is a fundamental need for public policy to address the early innovative green SME financing gap, our research finds. CUSP and Institute for Small Business and Entrepreneurship (ISBE) is therefore issuing a Call for Papers for a Special Issue of the journal IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management to focus on this issue.
‘This is not an elitist issue’—Navigating political divides, fast and slow | Blog by Will Davies
There is a palpable sentiment across many liberal democracies that the status quo is not sustainable. Too often, the overwhelming popular desire for political action finds its outlet in a drift towards the far-right, Will Davies writes. The political task is to feel our way toward less paranoid means of connecting with one another.
Vacancy | Policy Manager at Aldersgate Group
Our co-investigators at the Aldersgate Group are looking for a policy manager to join the team and lead their vital policy work on green finance, climate, energy, resource efficiency and natural capital, working i.a. with us on the Finance for the Future theme. Closing date for applications is 15 April 2019, 5pm BST.