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Sustainability—Paradigms, Models, Scenarios and Practices | Call for Papers
CUSP co-investigator Prof Peter Victor has joined the Scientific Committee for an upcoming symposium on: ‘Paradigms, Models, Scenarios and Practices for more Sustainability‘ (4–6 Dec 2019, Clermont-Ferrand, France). The international conference has set out to critically examine the notions of sustainability and sustainable development. Abstracts are invited in English or French.
Green Stories Writing Competitions: How writers are imagining a greener future | Guest blog by Denise Baden
Research by Dr Denise Baden shows that solution based stories, or stories that smuggle in green ideas/characters in the context of an otherwise mainstream story are more likely to inspire greener behaviours than catastrophic tales of climate change. In her guest blog, she summarises some of her findings, and is putting them into the context of the first output of a green stories writing competition she led last year.
All grown up—making ourselves at home in a world beyond growth | Blog by Katherine Trebeck and Jeremy Williams
The last century has seen unprecedented economic and social progress for many people in many parts in the world. In light of climate change, and social and economic instability, the challenge is now to make ourselves at home with this wealth, to ensure, in the interests of equality, that everyone is included.
Growing and Grown-up Economies: The Economics of Arrival | Book launch, London 13 May 2019
In their book 'The Economics of Arrival: ideas for a grown up economy', Dr Katherine Trebeck and Jeremy Williams suggest that growth leads to a point of ‘arrival’, where the work of growth is done and its continued pursuit brings mounting harm. New priorities emerge—a shift from acquiring more to making ourselves at home with what we already have. Join the authors for a short presentation, followed by a discussion on the legitimacy of growth with Tim Jackson and Irene Guijt.
Solidarity, Antagonistic Economies and Social Enterprises: Spaces for New Initiatives | Seminar, London 20 Mar 2019
Jointly hosted with the Alternative Organisations and Transformative Practices Research Cluster, this seminar brings together two cutting edge thinkers on the link between sustainability transformation and alternative forms of economic organisation, Prof Peter North and Prof Maria Daskalaki.