month : 05/2016 6 posts
Is small still beautiful? | Blog by Fergus Lyon
Small and medium sized enterprises are a dominant part of the global economy but get less attention than larger corporates in discussions about environmental issues. This opens up a fascinating debate, Fergus Lyon finds, about their role both within the ‘green growth’ agenda and the vision for ‘post-growth’ or steady state economics.
Nature of Prosperity Dialogue | Launch with Rowan Williams & Satish Kumar
The event is the first in a series of public debates (hosted by CUSP) engaging young and old alike across business, policy and civil society in one of the most vital questions of our time: what does prosperity mean in a world of environmental and social limits?
Is the Party Over for Economic Growth? | Panel debate w/ Tim Jackson
Intelligence Squared was hosting a discussion with Prof Tim Jackson on the future of the global economy. Other panelists include Stephanie Flanders and Deirdre McCloskey. The evening was moderated by Kamal Ahmed.
Keeping consumers and voters happy while dealing with climate change | Blog by Charles Seaford
Meaningful responses to climate change require social change, but can we take the measures needed and still keep voters happy? In this blog, Charles Seaford is introducing some numbers to help exploring the dimensions of a politically feasible sustainability.
Growth – the good, the bad, and the ugly | St Gallen Symposium w/ Tim Jackson
CUSP Director Prof Tim Jackson gives opening keynote and in-depth workshop at the 46th St. Gallen Symposium, a high-profile annual conference designed to "capture and condense the most relevant debates currently shaping the world around us and making them center-stage."
Constructing and mobilising ‘the consumer’ | Seminar w/ David Evans
With a focus on the politics of food waste reduction in the UK, this seminar considers how responses to sustainability challenges are mediated by the real and discursive figure of the responsible consumer.