month : 04/2016 9 posts
Can we score 17 Goals? | Blog by Victor Anderson
The recently adopted SDGs are an important set of long-run goals, and have the prestige and legitimacy of the United Nations. But what can they actually do for the UK? Victor Anderson's thoughts on the first UK Stakeholders for Sustainable Development workshop on Monday 25 April.
Analysing dreams; abandoning nightmares | Blog by Angela Druckman
In this blog Angela Druckman explains how CUSP is collating visions of the future, and exploring which types of economic systems may make the achievement of sustainable prosperity more plausible.
Cultural ecologies: Cultural labour, consumption, and inequality | w/ Kate Oakley
Kate Oakley to give seminar on culture and inequality: tying together consumption and production | Birmingham City University, 11 May 2016
Limits Revisited | Blog by Tim Jackson
To coincide with the launch of a new All Party Parliamentary Group on Limits to Growth, Tim Jackson discusses the continuing relevance of the Club of Rome’s groundbreaking report in today’s context and introduces Limits Revisited, a new review of the debate, co-written with environmental writer Robin Webster.
Is small still beautiful? SMEs in visions of a green economy | Seminar w/ Richard Blundel
In this seminar, Dr Richard K Blundel will consider how green growth and de-growth discourses might be reconciled with existing bodies of knowledge about SMEs, with particular reference to their pro-environmental behaviours and growth processes.
Social and psychological understandings of the good life | Blog by Kate Burningham
What does the ‘good life’ actually mean to people and how are their visions and aspirations informed by aspects of their social, economic and environmental situation? In this blog, co-investigator Kate Burningham explains how CUSP is approaching research into the social and psychological understandings of the good life.
Happiness and enterprise – a view from Bhutan | Blog by Fergus Lyon
In this blog, CUSP deputy director Prof Fergus Lyon is looking at the concept of Gross National Happiness as explored by The Kingdom of Bhutan, discussing its practical implications for socio-economic development and alternative enterprises.
Towards a Stock-Flow Consistent Ecological Macroeconomics | Paper by Tim Jackson, Peter Victor and Ali Asjad Naqvi
Taken together, the suite of system dynamics models developed by Tim Jackson et al represent the first steps in constructing a new macro-economic synthesis capable of exploring the economic and financial dimensions of an economy confronting resource or environmental constraints.
Developing the philosophy for a sustainable prosperity | Blog by Will Davies
A shift towards a sustainable prosperity must ultimately be a shift in values, and needs to be understood as such, co-investigator Dr Will Davies writes in this blog, setting out the work programme for our research theme on the meaning and moral framing of the good life.