month : 03/2016 8 posts
Sustainable prosperity – what’s art got to do with it? | Blog by Kate Oakley
Arts are communicators of a message, but are an element of sustainable prosperity itself, too, co-investigator Prof Kate Oakley writes in this blog, explaining our research approach to understanding the role of the arts and culture in developing visions for a sustainable prosperity.
The Politics of Sustainable Prosperity | Blog by Philip Catney
A transformation of our political discourse and practice will be necessary to achieve a ‪‎Sustainable Prosperity‬, co-investigator Dr Philip Catney writes in this blog, introducing his research perspective on our projects exploring the political and organisational dimensions of sustainable prosperity.
Limits to Growth or Opportunities for Prosperity? | APPG launch
We are pleased to announce the launch of the new APPG on Limits to Growth, for which CUSP will be providing the secretariat. The inaugural event will take place at the House of Commons, on 19 April 2016.
Alternative business approaches for sustainable prosperity | Blog by Fergus Lyon
In the second blog of our series, CUSP deputy director Prof Fergus Lyon introduces the agenda of our research projects on alternative forms of businesses and social enterprises.
Spending time in a low carbon society: Less stuff, more fun? | Seminar w/ Angela Druckman
Can we have more fun, while using less ‘stuff’? In this talk Co-Investigator Angela Druckman will consider what makes us happy, how we currently use our time, and the environmental impacts of our different activities.
Asset owners and a capital market that works | A Roundtable for Businesses
We all want long-term financial performance and the positive sustainability and social outcomes associated with this. However, too often capital markets fail to deliver these. This roundtable will focus on the top of the investment chain: what action can asset owners take?
Treasury consultation on the National Infrastructure Commission | Written Reply
A recent consultation by HM Treasury has invited written feedback on the proposed governance, structure and operation of the new National Infrastructure Commission; CUSP submitted a reply.
More profit from less stuff? | A Roundtable for businesses
Dematerialisation is well-established but needs to accelerate if we are to achieve sustainable prosperity. Prosperity needs to be redefined. Business can lead this trend if it can profit from it as it becomes the new normal—not just as a niche.