month : 02/2016 6 posts
Towards a sustainable prosperity | Blog by Tim Jackson
In the first blog of our new series, CUSP director Prof Tim Jackson explores the nature of prosperity and the challenge of achieving sustainable prosperity, introducing the CUSP work programme.
Sustainability and HM Treasury inquiry | Evidence submission
The Environmental Audit Committee has invited written evidence on the role of HM Treasury in relation to sustainable development and environmental protection, CUSP submitted a response.
Earth Jurisprudence through Substantive Constitutional Rights of Nature?
With their latest publication, Nathalie Rühs and CUSP Co-Investigator Aled Jones look at the role and rule of law in the making of society and the arguments for a paradigm shift from an Anthropocentric ontology to a more Earth-centered one.
Debt, Growth and Sustainability | CUSP lecture w/ Adair Turner
Launching our Lecture Series, Adair Turner gave an inspiring talk on #SustainableFinance at the University of Surrey. One of the most respected thinkers on financial reform, Adair explores the financial innovations needed to deliver sustainability. Video and audio available now.
Growth in Transition Conference 2016 | w/ Tim Jackson
This year's Growth in Transition Conference focuses on three key subject areas: Constraints, Transformation and Development. Tim Jackson will give a keynote lecture on Flourishing within Limits - The Foundations for a Sustainable Prosperity.
Inequality in cultural production and cultural consumption | Kate Oakley and Dave O’Brien
Inequality has become essential to understanding contemporary society. The article by Kate Oakley and Dave O’Brien considers inequality and cultural value from two points of view: how cultural value is consumed and how it is produced.