Prosperity Matters | A prosperous society is concerned not only with income and financial wealth, but also with the health and wellbeing of its citizens, with their access to good quality education, and with their prospects for decent and rewarding work. Prosperity enables basic individual rights and freedoms. But it must also deliver the ability for people to participate meaningfully in common projects. Ultimately, prosperity must offer society a credible and inclusive vision of social progress. The over-arching goal of CUSP is to contribute to that essential task.

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The Nature of Prosperity Dialogue. 24 October 2018

Fifty years ago this year, shortly before his assassination, Robert Kennedy called for an ‘honest confrontation’ with the ‘poverty of satisfaction, dignity and purpose that afflicts us all’. His call remains unfulfilled, but his speech on the social and environmental limitations of the GDP has inspired innumerable efforts to redefine both the meaning of prosperity and its proper measurement. Ten years after the financial crisis, these efforts are more relevant than ever.

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