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The Centre takes the form of a rich international network, drawing together expert partners from academic and non-academic institutions as co-producers of the work programme. The research programme of CUSP is coordinated from the University of Surrey under the direction of Professor Tim Jackson. CUSP’s academic partners include: University of Surrey, Anglia Ruskin University, Keele University, Goldsmiths College London, University of Leeds, Middlesex University, York University (Canada), University of Canterbury (Christchurch, NZ). We have established a vital link to industry and policy by including as a co-investigator the Aldersgate Group – an alliance of leaders from business, politics and society that drives action for a sustainable economy; and also the World Future Council – an NGO working closely with business leaders to envision An Economy That Works.

An overview of the co-investigator institutions can be accessed on the partners page. Meet the CUSP team on our team page. We are widening this collaboration still further through an international network of CUSP fellows hailing from a variety of academic and non-academic institutions.

The overall CUSP programme is accompanied by an international Advisory Committee, chaired by Camilla Toulmin. The role of the Advisory Committee is to help design our projects and strengthen the broad intellectual range of our work.