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The Centre takes the form of a rich international network, drawing together expert partners from academic and non-academic institutions as co-producers of the work programme. The research programme of CUSP is coordinated from the University of Surrey under the direction of Professor Tim Jackson. CUSP’s academic partners include: University of Surrey, Anglia Ruskin University, Keele University, Goldsmiths College London, University of Leeds, Middlesex University, York University (Canada), University of Canterbury (Christchurch, NZ).

We have established a vital link to industry and policy by including as a co-investigator the Aldersgate Group – an alliance of leaders from business, politics and society that drives action for a sustainable economy; and also the World Future Council – an NGO working closely with business leaders to envision An Economy That Works.

A detailed overview can be accessed on >> our partner institutions page. Meet the CUSP team on >> our people page.

We will widen this collaboration still further through an international network of CUSP Fellows hailing from a variety of academic and non-academic institutions.